Well, here I am, a day before the airing of final episode ever, adding myself to the authors' roster. I'm not if this is good timing, or terrible!

~How and when did you start writing fan fiction?

I'm [with] Bones all the way! (So far, anyway.)  I wrote my first fic in May 2009, a one shot called "The Picnic."

 ~What is your favorite of all your stories and why? (Include a link to the story)

My favourite story - well actually, there are two:

The Heat in the Jamaican Vacation:

... which I really enjoyed writing and was a lot of fun.

The other is more recent, The Snowbound in The Smoke Hole:

...which was a Secret Santa fic from Christmas 2016. That was a bit of a dream when it came to the wishes I was given, it let my hopeless romantic take over!

 ~Describe your writing style in five words or less.

Articulate, romantic, whimsical, sometimes "wordy".

 ~Do you write stories for other fandoms besides Bones? Which shows/movies/etc?

Not so far, but I can see a time when I might start writing for Lucifer (Fox TV Show). So far though, nothing has come close to my love for Bones and the Booth/Brennan love story to drive me to write fics.  They are such a beautiful couple and it's been epic. *sighs happily*

 ~Which Bones character do you most identify with and why?

I totally get Brennan, I know people a little like her (and maybe in someways, a little of myself). She is a wonderful character and it's been such an enormous journey. We've seen Brennan open herself up and allow herself to connect with the living despite the potential loss at stake. It's been such a considered process, ultimately, the payoff for us as viewers, as well as for Brennan - falling in love, having a family, experiencing loss - how Emily Deschanel has not won an Emmy or something similiar is beyond me.  She's quietly been brilliant for years. I've always loved Angela too. I think she represents us, the viewers in a lot of ways.

 ~What is your favorite episode of Bones? Why?

I have several (please don't ask me to choose one!) Those times when we've seen the characters take a major step forward, the gifts we've been given over the years. I have about 20 I regularly rewatch. If I have to chose just a few:

- Man in the Fallout Shalter - first episode I ever watched
- The Woman in the Sand - that dress, that butt slap, Booth in a vest
- Double Trouble in the Panhandle - that was a very small bed...
- The End in the Beginning - our one, solitary love scene
- The Future in the past - I love reunions, and we got kissing
- The Woman in White - They got married!

 ~Are there other authors that maybe we haven’t heard of that you would recommend?

After all this time, there are so many. I feel sad that some of these writers are no longer actively writing for the fandom, but amongst others I regularly still read (in no particular order) Threesquares, dmnky, craftyjhawk, dgschneider, jazzyproz, razztastic, lizook, hpaich, mariu100, brennansboys, wendish, rositaLG, SSJL, gawilliams, natesmama, cupcakebean, forensicsfan, and a whole load of others, no doubt I've forgotten a few people.  There are so many good writers out there.

 ~What is your favorite thing (besides great reviews!) about writing Bones fan fiction? What is your least favorite thing?

Best thing:
I still get a total buzz at having written something that people enjoy and relate to, getting the characterisations accurate and something that's "worked".

Worst thing:
Getting viewer hits on a story and then bugger-all reviews even though I know it was well written. Or not getting many hits at all when others seem to be getting loads.

Thanks for reading!

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