Hi, all. As if the last two episodes of Bones coming up wasn't stressful enough, we have still been having chat room issues. Yuku assured us that they had everything resolved, but even after we deleted the chat and reinstalled, it still wasn't working correctly. So, as the final two episodes are pretty important, we decided to establish a separate chat room for everyone to use for the final eps and the throwback chats. Now, this might not have to be a permanent solution, but for the time being if you want to join in on the post-episode chatting, please go here: https://us21.chatzy.com/bonesologychat

You can use any name you like, but it would be easier on everyone if you could use your name here. :) You can also make your name any color you like, but please leave red and dark blue for the admins and mods. 

Thank you for everything, and we hope to see you in chat! 

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