The Puppeteer mystery — and Zack’s role in it — was resolved in the premiere, but Booth and Brennan are not out of the woods yet. A new Big Bad will be introduced in Episode 4, and that menace will be sticking around for much of the series’ 12-episode farewell season. Oh, and he/she is “someone from Booth’s past who is not done with him yet,” reveals co-showrunner Michael Peterson, who ominously adds: “It’s Brennan who ends up paying the larger emotional toll.” Elsewhere, reports of a Cam/Arastoo wedding were slightly exaggerated. The pair will tie the knot, but they’ll do it off-screen. “We’re focusing more on the reception than the wedding,” the EP explains. “We’ve had several weddings on the show and we don’t like repeating ourselves. So we did this one a bit differently.”


"Being chased by you has been my greatest joy."
~ Booth to Brennan ~