Season 12

12.01 The Hope in the Horror
No Commercial Music Used In This Episode.

12.02 The Brain in the Bot
Hot Blooded Foreigner
Booth turns up the car stereo and sings along
Scrapin' Blank Range
Booth and Aubrey stop by Matthew Coburn's trailer to question him.
Happy Birthday CAST
Everyone sings 'Happy Birthday' to Brennan.

12.03 The New Tricks in the Old Dogs
No commercial music was used in the episode

12.04 The Price for the Past
When I'm Gone The White Buffalo
Brennan and Booth go to the Paradise Lost bar to talk with Aldo's former employer.

12.05 The Tutor in the Tussle
No commercial music was used in the episode.

12.06 The Flaw in the Saw
Turn Up The Heavy
Booth and Brennan arrive at the lumberjack competition.
Battle Without Honor or Humanity Hotei
Hodgins and Rodolfo test the chain saws as Cam arrives to check on them.

12.07 The Scare in the Score
The After You by Miakoda
Booth consoles Brennan in the hospital hallway.

12.08 The Grief in the Girl
No commercial music was used in the episode 

12.09 The Steel in the Wheels 
No commercial music was used in the episode 

Street Lights The Cocanuts
Aubrey questions Booth about how he was acting during the investigation, then Booth explains that Aubrey is up for a supervisor position in L.A.

12.11 A Day in the Life
Diamond Disco The Infatuations
Cam and Arastoo dance at their wedding reception then talk to Daisy and -- about their impending vacation; Brennan tells Cam she's having problems catagorizes a cardless present, then Cam informs her she's thinking of stepping down from her position.
Nothing Without You L. Young
As Michelle finishes her speech, she calls Cam and Arastoo onto the dance floor.
You're Just in Love (feat. Adam Tunney)The City of Los Angeles All Stars & Richard Geere
Angela takes photos of Cam and Arastoo cutting the cake, then gets called away by Avalon, who insists on speaking with Booth; repeats as Booth meets with Avalon, who makes him pick two cards from her tarot deck.
Our Style Animal Island
Booth and Brennan have fun on the dance floor as Angela comes to inform them of Avalon's message; Angela and Brennan reminisce about their friendship before marriage, then make a toast to friendship.
Amen Natalie Taylor (Series finale promo.)

12.12 The End in the End
Almost Home (feat. Damien Jurado) Moby
Booth watches as Aubrey and Karen walk off together; montage of the Jeffersonian team pack up their belongings; Angela tells Hodgins she found the children's book they've been working on.
Out the Blue John Lennon
Hodgins is informed he'll be interim director while Cam is on leave; Booth and Brennan hang out by the Jefferson Memorial and go through the items she packed up in her office.

Cullen: She's good. 
Booth: No, she's amazing. If the only way I can get her back on my side is to bring her out in the field, I'm willing.
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