Rynogeny wrote:
I do agree about her having higher expectations of her kids, but think it's about wanting them to do something requiring more education/brain power, however much money it made, than something that she wouldn't think particularly challenging. Just my view of them, though.

First of all, excuse the lateness of this response.

This is within the realm of my argument.
It wasn't my intention to depict it as Brennan being a snob but that she felt it irrational and senseless for her children to elect to be in middle-class employment with far more stimulating, contributive and perhaps ambitious, considering her comment about the victim, opportunities available to them (Parents who are able to afford the best education possible and are an "advance to GO" community chest card to high-end fields of employment). Not to mention quite rare. The thought of that being discarded is conceivably unpleasant.

Furthermore, with the enrichment she's able to provide, Brennan believes her children to have extraordinary potential which she probably felt selling cars would squander.

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